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Purchasing a home is a big decision. Having a home inspection done prior to closing can help give you confidence that you are making a sound investment for you and your family. A home inspection is a detailed, objective analysis of your home. We inspect all visible and accessible features of the property. Upon completion you will be provided with a comprehensive home inspection report and photos for your record keeping. Highlighted features of the home inspection include but are not limited to the following:

Fort Myers Home Inspector


Fort Myers Home Inspection

Air Conditioning

Cape Coral Home Inspector


Lee County Home Inspection


Collier County Home Inspection

Garage door and operators

Cape Coral Inspection 3 nail

Attic and Insulation

Home Inspection

Wall Construction & Siding

yard inspector


window inspector

Windows and Doors

home inspection service

Ceilings, Walls & Floor

naples inspection services


home inspection cape coral


Wind Mitigation Inspection

In the event of a hurricane, what are the odds of your property having an insurance claim? An insurance Wind Mitigation Inspection provides valuable roof and construction information to your insurance company. Based on the construction features of your home you may be eligible to receive up to a 30% discount on your homeowner's insurance!

crown inspection services

Wind Mitigation

Home Mold Inspection Florida

Wind Mitigation

4 Point Home Inspection

4-Point Inspections are generally required on properties over 25 years old. We will evaluate the four main components of your home for the following:

Roof Inspection


Plumbing Inspection


Electrical Inspection


Hvac Inspection


Roof Certificate

Citizen's Insurance requires a roof certificate be completed on homes over 25 years old. We will note the roof's age, roofing material, condition and an approximate number of years remaining on the current roof before replacement is needed.

Roof Certificate Inspection

Roof Certificate

Citizen's Insurance

Mold Inspection

Mold is a growing health concern in Florida and is a leading cause of allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. A moist, damp or humid environment provides the feeding source necessary to quickly promote mold growth and infestation. A simple roof or plumbing leak can become both a dangerous and expensive issue quickly! Although most molds aren't dangerous, some molds (such as stachybotrys) are harmful to humans. Because of the considerable health concerns related to mold, we recommend a mold inspection. We provide both a mold swab and air samples to help determine any mold levels. These samples are mailed to a lab where the mold is tested and evaluated. If dangerous mold or elevated levels of mold is discovered, we will gladly recommend a licensed mold re-mediator to assist with the cleansing/repair process.

Mold Inspection Florida

Complete Mold

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